A Comparative Study of the Concepts of Love, Man, Nature and Silence in Rumi’s and Whitman’s Poetry

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This thesis examines the four motifs of love, man, nature and silence in the works of Rumi and Whitman. The motifs were chosen from among the most frequent ones in the works of the two poets which somehow determine their mindset and worldview. Each motif will be investigated in a separate entry, which is itself subcategorized for a detailed examination of the underlying themes.

     Regarding the fact that a genuine comparative work investigates the similarities as well as the differences, this research aims at both of them equally for a complete and thorough understanding of the two poets who had great influences on their cultures. Approaching the two poets not from the French school’s angle, to avoid its positivistic rules, but from the American school’s side which is more resilient and speaks simply of literature, the thesis is after applying thematology on the method of rapproachement.

     Building on the work of the comparatist Jost who, basing his theories on the German system of thematology, considers what is normally known as theme in the Anglo-Saxon world as being motif and vice versa, and investigating some other comparatists’ notions like Aldridge, Prawer and Wiesstein on thematology, the thesis argues that in spite of numerous thematic similarities between the two, there are differences which are the result of the poets cultural, geographical, political background not to mention the huge time gap between them.

Keywords: Rumi, Whitman, American School, Thematology, Rapproachement


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Representation of Women in Novels A Comparative Study of Persian and Translated Novels

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The present study is an attempt to investigate the image represented of female and male characters in best-selling novels. Narratives are believed to play an important role in reinforcing or naturalizing stereotypical images of women and men, since the readers identify themselves with the heroines or heroes of stories. Therefore, the major characters of the best-selling novels written in the past three decades in Iran were analyzed and compared to the major characters of the best-selling translated novels. Each character was analyzed in terms of her/his personality type, sociological role, appearance, gender judgment, concerns, education, relationship and characterization. The data concerning the characters were first tabulated in terms of gender for each book. The male and female characters in translated and non-translated novels were compared with each other in different gender-specific groups.

The results of the overall analysis demonstrated that translated novels can have a reinforcing effect on the stereotypical image of women; however, the reverse is true for male characters. The image represented of male characters in translated novels seems to demystify the stereotypical image of men in Persian novels. In fact the differences between female characters of translated and non-translated novels, between female and male characters of translated novels, and even between female characters of non-translated novels and male characters of translated novels is far less than the gap between female and male characters of non-translated novels. This may be a reflection of the domination of patriarchal attitude in contemporary Persian literature.


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